Welcome to RIELH

About Us

RIELH is the brand created by the Iluminated designer artist RIELA, born in 1989 in Equatorial Guinea. Our concept is designer leather goods, especially bags.

Iluminada RIELA is the woman behind creating cool things for her clients. She is an artist and also a graduate designer. She is personally dedicated to making high-end customer products with leather.

Iluminada personally selects and buys the best raw materials and tools necessary to obtain a unique, high-quality fashion product.

All our accessories reflect an intimate and excellent class in design. Our products are handmade with traditional methods by the best carefully selected artisans.

The quality of the materials, the exquisite design and the limited production volumes guarantee an exclusive concept and have a unique identity in articles.

The RIELH style is luxury, pleasure and reflects the passion for life and beauty.
The RIELH Be Yourself concept is for an independent, strong, seductive, intelligent and cosmopolitan woman who wishes to express her inner being with fashion, beyond social or cultural borders.

We Use Original Leather brand to Make Products:

Leather products are in fashion. It’s about buying bags, shoes, ties or even caps; everyone prefers leather. Well, leather is a uniquely reliable material that never breaks or decomposes, even in the long run. However, after treatment, when it comes into contact with chemicals, it loses its quality. We never allow anything to happen to leather during the product manufacturing process.

“Purity makes quality, we guarantee purity”
The leather is extracted from famous farms where the animals are raised and breaded in an organized way. These farms provide excellent quality food and atmosphere to their animals so that they can produce efficient quality hides.


We Make reliable, affordable, luxury Products

If you are looking to buy reliable and affordable luxury handbags made from pure leather, you have come to the right place. RIELH, is an independent Spanish fashion brand, which offers all leather products for our valued customers.

What makes us the best brand in leather products?
They were different. Instead of changing your look with our designs, we offer you products that are made to spice up your style. We do not want to change you, but to offer you something original, classic and striking in addition to your uniqueness.

“We design your dreams, your choices and your needs”
We are here to help you with your style and personality with our products. We are here to enhance your identity and make you stand out from the crowd. This is what makes us different, instead of thinking about us, we think about you.

We Exclusively Deal In Making Top End Purses With Leather

Wallets, clutch, business men’s briefcases, wallets, shoulder bags, tote bags, etc. for our customers. These bags are made with pure leather. Leather is not processed with chemicals to lose quality, but is processed in a hygienic way that increases its useful life.

The bags are designed following the trends of the world.
The new RIELH collection has incorporated a power bank to charge the phone directly in the bags.

We understand the requirements of our customers so our bags have larger spaces. You can put office files, laptops and other accessories using daily without any problem.
We understand that carrying huge bags sometimes becomes difficult. That is why we also design bags in compact sizes. Still, these sizes have larger gaps.

Why People Love RIELH?

“You will never find women’s bags with such designs, colors, quality and price anywhere else on the market than at RIELH.”
Very convenient yet lush designs that can be worn on multiple occasions such as business meetings, formal gatherings, and parties.

Our designer bags have very low fees compared to other designer brands. It does not mean that we have low quality material; in fact, we don’t want our customers to be affected by prices. We believe that even small pocket people should have access to designer products.
Handmade products only at RIELH, the leather products house
Because leather loses its essence during machine processing, products made from leather are damaged too quickly and easily. Understanding this, we decided to design everything with our hands. Therefore, we promise quality.

“We weave dreams with our fingers and present them to our clients”
Well, products are not just products. People use their money to buy good items. Therefore, we never compromise on quality. We have a great team working around the clock to produce designer bags and other well-finished products.

“The Girl Who Dared To Dream Bring Wistful Products to The Ladies Who Dare”

RIELH products are designed exclusively for independent women and men who never say no to challenges. Smart, cunning, elegant and determined, RIELH products will add exuberance to your seductive personality.

“The relationship between the brand and the customers is an unbreakable bond.”
We send you the exact products shown in the pictures. However, if you have a complaint, suggestion, or something that requires a hearing; express your thoughts. Your constructive criticism is always welcome.

So without waiting, it’s time to see the widest range of RIELH leather products and buy the products of your dreams now. RIELH is another name for quality.